WatchDog Pro Features

Convenience: Can be used on laptop or desktop in the home and small office.

Easy-to-Operate: Easy to install the camera and the software.

Flexibility: Pure software solution used with USB and Firewire cameras.

High Compression Ratio: Implements H.263 and MJPEG, one of the best software codec's in the industry.

Internet Webcam: Posts updated images to the web server and allows multiple remote viewing through the internet.

On-Site Server: PC based, with 2 video inputs. Supports FireWire and USB cameras.

Passwords: Multi-level password protection.

Playback: Provides numerous viewing functions effortlessly, such as fast or slow mode replay, search and retrieval of video clips with date, channel number, and clip type. Provides superiour convenience with snapshot and printing capability.

Recording: Activates with alarm from software motion detection, ability to schedule recording with date and time stamp. Capture frame rate is adjustable. Maximum recording frame rate is 20 frames per second per channel.

Remote Surveillance/Control: Multi-channel live video stream or recorded video clips are sent over standard phone lines, LAN lines, ISDN or Internet. Allows users to remotely control all server functions.

Software Motion Detection: Adjustable zones with full sensitivity control.

Scheduler: Control Record/Stop, Arm/Disarm, and backup functions.