TotalSecure Features

Convenience: Available as a kit (capture card and software) or a complete PC based system. Windows 2000 operating system for capture station.

Easy-to-Operate: Easy to install the capture card and software

Flexibility: Software solution used with up to 16 cameras (4, 8 ,12 and 16 input card options). Capture at 30, 60, 90 or 120 frames per second (fps).

High Compression Ratio: Implements AVI recording. 640 x 480 or 320 x 240 resolution.

Local recording: Record to local hard drive any one or all cameras.

Alarms/Contacts: Up to 4 contacts per COM port. NO/NC, alarm naming/titling (overlay). Play sound files, send out e-mail notifications. Supports 2 COM Ports per system.

Passwords: Password protection to exit program or connect remotely.

Playback: Provides numerous viewing functions effortlessly, such as fast or slow mode replay, Jog shuttle control, search and retrieval of video clips with date, time, channel number and camera name. Can also use any AVI player to locally view incidents.

Recording: Can be set to continuous or Activates with alarm from software motion detection, recording with date and time option, camera name overlay, and even alarm overlay. Capture frame rate is adjustable. Maximum recording frame rate is 30 frames per second per channel, maximum 120 per system.

Multi camera view: Multi-channel viewing of live video or recorded video clips. Also single camera preview mode.

LAN, WAN or dial-up: Use standard modem to modem connection, or browse the intranet or internet for connection. Can use a static or dynamic IP address for high speed cable or high speed Sympatico access. Included ListIp program automatically notifies and updates the link if or when your IP address changes.

Logs: Event and access logs.

Live Viewing or Review recorded images: Use dial-up or high speed internet (recommended) for viewing live cameras or previously recorded images.

Multiple Connection Access: Using the internet browser for remote connection, TotalSecure can be viewed by many users at once with proper password access. Perfect for Day Care and similar applications.