What is SuperSleuth Zip?

SuperSleuth Zip is a high performance, cost effective solution to video surveillance with remote monitoring. With Super Sleuth Zip you can:

  • Manage - Chain stores, Retail shops and Car washes
  • Survey - Parks, Streets, Malls and large crowds at outdoor concerts or sporting events
  • Monitor - Banks, Factories, Warehouses and Offices
What makes it different from other video surveillance systems?
  • Superleuth Zip accepts 16 video inputs which can be colour or monochrome (B&W), SuperSleuth Zip-Lite accepts 4 video inputs.
  • Battery backup in case of power failure.
  • SuperSleuth Zip buffers 20 images or 80 half resolution images for transmission. This is important, as communication often takes time to establish, the receiver may be busy or the cameras disabled by intruders.
  • SuperSleuth Zip has an alarm verification feature, making frequent visits to the site unnecessary, thus reducing the cost of regular patrolling and guards.
  • Modems sometimes lock up or "freeze". With any other Remote Monitoring System, this means the site is unsecured until the modem is physically rebooted. This is a big problem for unattended sites. SuperSleuth Zip automatically reboots the modem if it cannot communicate with it, ensuring that the site is safe and secure.
What do I need to run SuperSleuth Zip?

Cameras and a modem.

How will SuperSleuth Zip benefit me?
SuperSleuth Zip transmits alarmed pictures of intrusions for verification. This eliminates false alarms. You can view your premises remotely, via a telephone line, for management purposes.
Technical Specifications:

Video Inputes: 16 camera inputes (colour or B/W)

Image Resolution: 360 x 256 (180 x 128 half resolution)
Motion Detection: 2 cameras
External: 8 trigger inputes & 8 relay outputs
Communications: RS232
Battery: 2 hours backup time (Incl. modem & 1 camera)
Mechanical: Steel Cabinet 260W x 215 D x 50H mm 1.5kg