Super Sleuth Zip Features



Product Specification
SuperSleuth Zip is a high performance cost effective solution to video surveillance with remote monitoring. The standard system accepts 16 color or monochrome camera inputs. Alarm triggers can be activated by video motion detection or external inputs with local storage of over 20 alarm images. Alarms are transmitted to a SuperSleuth Receiver via a communication link (eg RS232 or PSTN) with time, date and camera ID. "Quasi" live images may be selected by the monitoring receiver. The SuperSleuth Receiver is a standard Personal Computer (Pentium 300MMX or better) running under Windows 9x or NT with SuperSleuth software.
  • 16 Video Inputs, 8 trigger inputs, 8 relay outputs.
  • Video motion detection (zoned) on two cameras.
  • Built-in programmable switcher - for video output.
  • Real time clock built in. Year 2000 compliant.
  • Watch dog timer prevents lock-up.
  • Inputs and outputs controlled by alarms or user.
  • Duress alarm.
  • Video compression for rapid image updates at the receiver.
  • Battery-backup in case of power failure.
  • Battery connection for 1 camera and modem.
  • Modem reboot capability.