Super Sleuth Zip Advantages

There are many products on the market now that are capable of video transmission to remote sites. These products generally fall into 2 categories. One is PC (personal computer) based and the other is a stand alone system. Generally, the PC based systems are more expensive and less reliable due to the computer and operating system. For these reasons, our SuperSleuth system uses industrial computers with hardware watchdog timer to reboot the system if the system stops operating. Also, we use DOS as the operating system instead of Windows for stability. SuperSleuthZip comes under the stand alone category. It has been designed only with video security surveillance in mind. When comparing it to any other systems, compare the following capabilities:

1. 16 video inputs, color or monochrome

2. Built-in video switcher: In many sites, after the installation of cameras, a monitor may be required to display the video from the cameras. Zip has a built-in video switcher which can be programmed to display only selected cameras, with the duration of the display. For example, camera 1 for 6 secs, camera 2 for 3 secs, skip camera 3, camera 4 for 3 secs, etc.

3. Video motion detection for two cameras: Two cameras will have programmable video motion detection coupled with a timer for activation of alarms. For example, the front door or gate and the reception area can be programmed with no additional equipment. Our video motion detection can be used outdoors.

4. Eight trigger inputs and eight relay outputs: In addition to two video motion detection cameras, there are eight trigger inputs from sensors like PIRs, door switches etc. The inputs can be used as a duress switch. There are also eight relay outputs to switch on lights, activate siren or opening doors and gates.

5. Alarm Image storage: The Zip buffers 20 images or 80 half resolution images for transmission. This is very important as communication takes time to establish and sometimes the Receiver may be busy. The Zip will continue indefinitely until the alarmed images are sent.

6. Battery-back-up in case of power failure: The battery back-up time exceeds 4 hours excluding modem and camera and 2 hours with modem and one camera.

7. Battery connection for 1 camera and modem: A 12 volt and 9 volt DC output is provided with screw terminals for connection of one camera and modem respectively. This is highly recommended as, if power is being cut, one camera still detects alarms and the modem is still capable of alarm image transmission.

8. Modem reboot capability: As we all know, modems sometimes "lock-up" or freeze due to power, communication line, firmware or electronic glitches. For remote monitoring systems, this implies the system is down until the modem can be switched off and on again. This is a real problem, particularly for unattended remote sites. Zip powers the modem with the 9V DC supply. If Zip cannot communicate with the modem, it automatically removes power from the modem and re-applies. This happens transparently to the user. An extremely important function for remote monitoring systems.

9. Programmable dial-up to two sites based on timer: On alarm, the system dials-up a Receiver automatically. Zip can dial site A or site B depending on programmed timer. Each site can have 2 phone numbers for use when the first line is busy.

10. Other features: Zip has a real time clock built-in and is Year 2000 compliant. A watchdog timer prevents lock-up.

With the above capability, you can understand why SuperSleuth Zip has been designed for secure video surveillance. It is not only a dial-up and look-in system, but offers video surveillance as well.

SuperSleuth Zip is a high performance cost effective solution to video surveillance with remote monitoring. The standard system accepts 16 color or monochrome camera inputs. Also available is a the 'LITE' 4 input version.


Management of chain-stores, carwashes and retail stores.

Monitoring of banks, factories, wharehouses and offices.

Video Surveillance of public parks, streets and malls.


Alarm verification avoids visits.

Reduces cost of patrol and guards.