SuperSleuth Wise Typical Operation

The SuperSleuth Wise unit can be installed in the corner of a room just below the ceiling. Ideally, it should be positioned to view the room and the entrance. Power would be required for the unit which is supplied with a low voltage power pack (12V dc).

Once installed, a computer is connected to set up the unit with the cable provided. In setting up, 4 rectangular zones of any size and position can be set to detect motion. A timer chart is also available to program when alarm images are required. This completes the set up of SuperSleuth Wise. If transmission is required, a phone number has to be programmed before the modem is connected.

When SuperSleuth Wise detects motion, it will snap the image and stores it in memory. The memory will hold approximately 700 images. All images are time and date stamped. When the memory is full, it will still continue to collect new alarm images, but will discard the oldest image in rotation.

As a stand alone unit, the last 700 alarm images are available to be viewed simply by connecting to a computer. For systems connected to a modem, the alarm images can be downloaded or quasi live viewing through the camera can be selected.

The above scenario is ideal for every home, office or shop. SuperSleuth Wise is also ideal for many small businesses where only one camera is required.

The application of SuperSleuth Wise is extremely diverse. The biggest market potential is in residential properties worldwide. For the home, the system serves as a video surveillance system with alarm image storage. Every entry and exit can be recorded with a time and date stamp. The system acts as an intelligent video transmitter when the premise is vacant. At any time, the owner can dial in to view through the camera from the office, or anywhere in the world, on a telephone line.

Other unique applications include all types of vending and ticketing machines, phone booths and temporary video surveillance requirements, such as building sites.

With transmission through mobile GSM networks, SuperSleuth Wise is also ideal for taxis and trucks.