SuperSleuth Wise Overview

Technology keeps getting smaller and smaller; mobile phones, computer notebooks and electronic circuits. Swise is joining the streamline revolution with the compact all-in-one video surveillance system.

The SUPERSLEUTH WISE system is a compact unit incorporating a latest technology Active Pixel Digital Image Sensor (camera) on board. The system has video motion detection and many programmable functions, stores 700 alarm images and transmits images over the standard phone line (PSTN) to a monitoring station. Other transmission medium can be used eg null modem, mobile GSM network, etc.

The SuperSleuth Wise fits in the palm of your hand. It is equivalent to only 2 mobile phones in size. The concept behind SuperSleuth Wise was to use technology widely utilised in other smaller electronic products and apply it to video surveillance systems. The result is a fully self-contained, intelligent unit packed with features. Wise has a built-in digital camera and RAM storage for up to 700 alarmed images. Wise also features video motion detection with programmable zones and transmission capabilities. Modem reboot, to alleviate those troublesome modem lock ups, is standard.

The Wise software allows flexibility when programming the system

Wise operates as a stand alone system. Upon alarm trigger or motion detection, SuperSleuth Wise stores time and date stamped images to a rotating database. The images can be downloaded to a computer via cable. When connected via modem, the captured images are transmitted to the monitoring site for video verification. Wise can even transmit across the GSM network via an optional GSM modem. Wise also allows user dial up for remote viewing

The intelligence of this unit is in its flexibility. Every aspect of monitoring and image capture is programmable by the user including timer, door or lighting control and 3 level password protection. SuperSleuth Wise offers a more manageable alternative to larger security systems and is suited to a diverse range of applications such as banks, homes, small commercial sites, shops and vehicles or as protection for equipment at risk of vandalism and theft. SuperSleuth Wise has made video surveillance effective, versatile and very affordable.