SuperSleuth Wise Advantages

Traditionally, video surveillance or CCTV has never succeeded in the small business and residential market. This is due to the complexity and more importantly cost and installation of CCTV systems. To be effective, a video surveillance system must be able to detect motion. It must then record the alarm image. If the system is monitored, it must be able to dial out via the telephone line and transmit the alarm image. The above requirements implies the traditional CCTV System consists of a camera, motion detector, time lapse video recorder, monitor, video transmitter and coax cable wiring. This system is too expensive for many business and homes, let alone the need to change tapes everyday!

SuperSleuth Wise has solved this problem. Wise has a built-in digital camera and also features sophisticated video motion detection (VMD). The VMD has 4 rectangular rubber band zones of any size and can be positioned anywhere in the view of the camera. This is far superior to any other motion detector as only selected areas or objects can be targeted. The VMD can also be used outdoors unlike the VMD from most competitors.

Upon VMD or external alarm trigger, SuperSleuth Wise stores time and date stamped images to a rotating database. The flash Ram stores up to 700 alarmed images or up to 1500 low-resolution monochrome images. The alarmed images are held within the Wise unit and cannot be erased. When the database is full, the new image overwrites the oldest image. This eliminates any maintenance like changing videotapes.

SuperSleuth Wise can operate as a stand-alone system. The images can be downloaded to a computer via a 4-metre cable provided. When connected via modem, the captured images are transmitted to a remote computer or central monitoring station for video verification. The owner can at anytime, dial in to view through the camera to interrogate the site. For modem connections, modem reboot, to alleviate those troublesome modem lock ups, is standard. Wise can also transmit across the GSM (mobile phone) network via an optional GSM modem.

As SuperSleuth Wise fits into the palm of your hand with no coaxial cable wiring, installation is relatively simple. In summary, Wise is a complete video surveillance system, which replaces the camera, motion detector, time-lapse video recorder, monitor and video transmitter. The price of SuperSleuth Wise is less than a third of the conventional CCTV system for a single camera application.

The intelligence of this unit is in its flexibility and programmability. Every aspect of monitoring and image capture is programmable by the user, including timer when VMD is to be active. The external input can be interfaced to existing alarm systems or programmed as a switch or trigger input. Output relay can drive a siren/strobe or control door, gates or lighting. A 3 level password protection allows controlled authorised access. SuperSleuth Wise can also dial up 2 different remote sites based on a timer.

SuperSleuth Wise offers a more manageable alternative to larger security systems and is ideal for homes, apartments, small commercial sites, shops, factories and warehouses. Banks and chain stores benefits with the duress alarm feature for the Head Office to monitor robberies as well as management requirements. Wise is also suited to a diverse range of applications such as taxis, vehicles including buses, trucks and trains or vending machines and ATMs. Its size and low power consumption allows Wise to be used as a potable battery powered surveillance equipment for the prevention of theft in construction sites, detection of environmental dumping and vandalism and aid to Police investigation.

SuperSleuth Wise has made video surveillance effective, versatile and very affordable.