What is SuperSleuth Wise?
SuperSleuth Wise is a stand alone programmable security system designed to store and transmit images directly to a computer or over the telephone network. Once installed, SuperSleuth Wise detects motion in the areas designated by the user. Each time motion is detected, SuperSleuth Wise records the image, with a time and date stamp. These images can then be viewed through a computer. For systems connected to a modem, the captured images will be transmitted to a remote monitoring site for verification. No matter where you are, you can dial in at any time to check on your premises through the telephone line.
What are the advantages of SuperSleuth Wise over other Video Surveillance Systems?
  • Super Sleuth Wise can store up to 700 images arranged in a rotating database.
  • SuperSleuth Wise is compact. Height 110mm x Width 95mm x Depth 45mm.
Where can I use SuperSleuth Wise?

SuperSleuth Wise is a versatile security system with diverse applications. It is perfect for use in the home, office, or shop. In the home, it could be positioned to view a room and entrance hall. It is ideal for small businesses where only one camera is required. It can also be used to protect vending and ticketing machines from costly damage.

SuperSleuth Wise images can also be tramsitted through mobile GSM networks (mobile), which makes it ideal for taxis and trucks. It is also extremely easy to install as ther are no coaxial cables, video recorders and monitors involved.

Technical Specifications:

Video: Built-in digital camera (colour or B/W)

Image Resolution: 256 x 256
Storage: 700 alarm images
External: 1 trigger input & 1 relay output
Communications: RS232
Features: Video Motion Detection & Modem Reboot
Mechanical: ABS plastic 110H X 95w X 45d mm