Remote Eyes Dual Function Digital Video Surveillance System
4, 8, 12 and 16 CHANNEL KITs


  • On-Site Monitoring, Multiplexing, Recording
  • Remote Capabilities on a PC Platform

Remote Eyes™ from Odyssey Technologies, Inc. is a comprehensive digital video solution combining on-site monitoring, multiplexing and recording with full remote capabilities in a PC format. With over 3,500 installations worldwide, Remote Eyes™ has proven itself as a leader in emerging digital video solutions. Available as a pre-configured system built into a PC and ready to use, or in kit form easily installed onto a PC, Remote Eyes™ offers versatility, high-technology performance, and ease of use in a format best suited for you.


New with Version 4.5

Now available with 4, 8, 12 or 16 inputs

Now available with : 4, 8, 12 or 16 inputs

Dealer Splash Page Available: Put your company logo and info on the software so customers identify you with the product.

3 FPS: (frames per second per channel) on all 4.5 systems.

Serial Play: Improved log file management.

E-Mail Notification: Cell Phones.

Additional Features:

  • System or Kit configuration: Comes as a complete system, pre-configured and installed on a PC, or as a kit ready to install in a PC (see system requirements). Specify when ordering.
  • Remote Functions: View live and recorded events over phone lines, LAN or Internet. Control cameras and recording schedules.
  • Compression: H.263 or MJPEG formats with Odyssey's patented CODEC algorithms for extraordinary storage and transmission ability.
  • Recording: Activates with programmable motion detection or on a schedule with date and time stamp.
  • Schedule: Controls Record/Stop and Arm/Disarm functions.
  • PTZ: Control locally or remotely.
  • Transmission: Multi-channel live viewing, recording and video clips are sent over standard phone lines, LAN lines, ISDN or Internet.
  • Storage: Store 7 days of 8-channel video onto a 20GB hard drive of the PC or to any external storage device.
  • Disk space management: Auto-download files to any drive, external storage device or record over the oldest clip.
  • Networkable: Combine multiple servers for large applications.
  • Multi-port viewing and recording: Up to 8 channels simultaneously.
  • Playback: Real-time, fast or slow mode with snapshot and print capability.
  • Notification: Send video clips over the Internet, or messages to a phone or pager.
  • High frame rate video: High compression video (up to 15fps) with multi-channel streams.
  • Built-in multiplexer: 8-channel screen views with adjustable duration for viewing and recording.
  • Audio: Two-way voice communications.
  • Software motion detection: Adjustable zones with full sensitivity control.
  • Relays: Sensor Input Module (optional Part # SIR-8) has 8 input/output relays to trigger alarms, recording, transmission of clips, or activate other functions or equipment.
  • Alarms: Automatically transmit video clips via email or send a message to a phone or pager upon alarm events.
  • Search: Simple filing system allows for access to specific video clips by channel, date and time.
  • Passwords: Multi-level password protection.


  • Full-featured: Performs recording, multiplexing, monitoring and storage with remote access in a single package.
  • Easy-to-use: User-friendly software means simple installation, training and use. Easier to set up and train on than any other system.
  • Expandable: Connect multiple servers over a LAN or Internet for large applications.
  • Affordable High-performance: The PC platform using the latest technology takes advantage of decreasing PC costs and increasing performance.

Part Numbers

  • RE-1004T: Version 4.3 4-Channel Kit (if available)
  • RE-1004-45: Version 4.5 Channel Kit
  • RE-2008: Version 4.3 8 Channel Kit (if available)
  • RE-2008-45: Version 4.5 8 Channel Kit
  • RE-3012-45: Version 4.5 12-Channel Kit
  • RE-4016-45: Version 4.5 16-Channel Kit
  • SIR-8: Sensor input relay module. (8 form-c relays for activating system functions and equipment such as lights and sirens, etc.)

Factory Shipped Systems

*RES0415 comes in a mid-tower, all others in 4U enclosure


Available PC Systems:


  • Monitor 17: 17" ViewSonic monitor
  • Monitor 19: 19" ViewSonic monitor

I/O Interface

System Requirements

Minimum Computer for Remote Eyes Server/Transmitter:

  • IBM PC-compantible with Pentium 400 Mhz or equivalent.
  • Microsoft Windows 95/98 and 1 GB of available hard disk space.
  • 32 Mbytes of memory. Windows compatible pointing device (mouse).
  • SVGA Video Display with at least 800 x 600 at 16 bit-color resolution.
  • Audio board, speakers and available PCI slot
  • LAN connection or modem 56 kbps - V.90

Computer for Remote Eyes™ Client/Receiver:

  • Windows 95/98 based Pentium PC or Laptop 133 Mhz or greater. 100 MB of available hard disk space
  • SVGA Video Display with at least 800 x 600 at 16 bit-color resolution
  • LAN, model V.90 or Internet

Server/Transmitter Features:

  • User friendly operation with 4 video inputs (8 optional)
  • Fastest video frame rates in the industry - up to 15 FPS.
  • Instant quad, multi-view screen display of all cameras
  • Integrated motion detection
  • Auto-recording of selected cameras upon alarm
  • Auto-dail pager or e-mail upon alarm occurence
  • Video storate on hard disk using standard H.263 or MJPEG compression
  • Automatic recognition of available hard disk space
  • Pan/tilt and zoom feature support
  • Multiple password protection for dial access
  • Full duplex recording: simultaneous recording and playback
  • 24 hr. scheduler
  • Print Images with Time, Date and Year stamp
  • Back up to DAT or ZIP drive
  • Internet access capabilities

Client/Receiver Features:

  • Remote video monitoring over POTS/ISDN/Cellular or LAN communication
  • Recording video on local hard disk
  • Retrieval of video clip in the server database

Hardware Specifications:

  • 4 video inputs with BNC connectors (8, 12, 16 optional)
  • Video composite NTSC or PAL, 1 Volt P-P, 75 ohms