Open Eyes - Overview


HDDR Rackmount Unit

OpenEye® state-of-the-art High Definition Digital Recorders are equipped with an Intel® Processor, 56K Hardware Modem, 10/100 Network Interface Card (NIC), 256 MB of System Memory (DDR), 32 MB Video Card, CD-RW Recordable CD Drive, 3.5" Floppy Drive, Sound Card, and a standard 120 GB Video Storage Drive. Housed in a high performance and versatile 4U Aluminum Rack-Mount case, storage of multiple HDDRs for enterprise applications is easier than ever.


HDDR Server Software

The OpenEye HDDR server software comes pre-configured for fast and seamless integration within your existing IT infrastructure. Designed around Microsoft Windows 2000, the server software offers unparalleled stability, security, and ease of use. Accordingly, your security investment has never been easier to maintain. Multiple users may simultaneously connect through any network or dialup connection for instantaneous live viewing, digital search, and off site video storage. This powerful software enables users to establish recording schedules, create motion detection zones, use PTZ controls, and configure alarm inputs and outputs for each of the system's cameras. With the latest advancements in the HDDR Server Software, searching and indexing your video archive has never been easier. Video can now be found, viewed, and exported in A number of file formats with just A few clicks.


HDDR Remote Software

Connecting remotely to the HDDR has never been easier. The newest version of the software allows multiple remote users to view, search, index, and backup video through any network or dialup connection. Remote users may also be granted system configuration privileges based upon a multilevel password hierarchy. If enabled, the HDDR is also capable of instantaneously transmitting live video and notification to remote users upon motion detection and alarm. Additionally, the remote software has been engineered to operate flawlessly on any Microsoft platform.


DEEP Compression (DEnsity Exchange Protocol)

PC Open's DEEP compression is a revolutionary technique that combines the benefits of JPEG compression and Wavelet technology. File sizes are dependant on image resolution, which, are determined by the user configuring the system based upon the needs of their respective organization. High Definition Digital Recorders are capable of capturing images at resolutions of 720x480, 720x240, and 360x240. After these digital image files have been compressed, they are stored on a hard disk drive where they can be easily viewed, copied or archived. These images may now be remotely accessed through a LAN, WAN, dial up connection, or over the Internet.


Major Features

  • Designed for Microsoft® Windows® 2000
  • Supports up to 16 Relay Inputs for Alarm Control
  • Remote System Operation & Configuration
  • Supports Multiple Simultaneous Remote Connections
  • PAN / TILT / ZOOM Controls
  • Simultaneous Video Search & Playback
  • Create Video Indexes for Easy Searching
  • Multiple Levels of Security Access
  • Supports up to 16 Digital Control Outputs
  • Up to 16 looping outputs
  • Up to 16 Camera Inputs
  • POS and ATM Support
  • High Performance Rackmountable Case
  • Composite Output
  • S-Video Output
  • Output the Video to A NTSC/PAL Display
  • Virtually Unlimited Storage Potential
  • Supports Watermarking
  • Continuous, Motion Detection, Alarm, Pre-Alarm, and
  • Scheduled Recording Modes
  • Hardware Watchdog
  • 720x480 / 720X240/ 350x240 NTSC Recording Resolution
  • 720x576 / 720X288/ 360x288 PAL Recording Resolution