Door Track Features

What does Door Track do?

DoorTrack is a video access control system. It gives you accurate data about all access instances to doors, it also visually records all transactions to provide accurate evidence.

How Easy is Door Track?

DoorTrack has an easy user interface which describes all transactions taking place on the system. The user interface gives you indication about each event taking place on the system.

How to use Door Track?

With DoorTrack you can setup the daily time you need to allow access to each door. You can also setup the time interval between pictures taken when a door remains open. With DoorTrack you can add unlimited number of users to the system giving different access to each user.

Can you give special door access to a user?

Yes you can give users special door access that differs than the configured access time of each door.

Does Door Track offer Reports?

With DoorTrack you get full reports about each transaction on the system, for each transaction you get the following info : date/time, the user name, the transaction type, the system response & a video capture image.

What type of image manipulation does Door Track offer?

  • Each video capture image can be maximized or minimized.
  • You can play a video clip for the captured images.
  • You can track all transactions done by a user within a specific range of dates.